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  Article updated: November 21, 2023

Manage Amplify settings

Choose Amplify features you want to share with your members, customize the invite you send to new Amplify members, and manage your topics. To learn how to work with topics, see Use topics to organize Amplify content.

Audience: Amplify admins

Set your preferences

Amplify allows you to show your members a leaderboard, accept suggestions for content, and let members customize your content before they post it to their networks.

  1. Go to Amplify and select Admin settings.
    Sample Amplify home page with Admin settings highlighted.
  2. Select General preferences and set your preferences for the following:
    • Logo - Upload a logo that will be shown on your members' sign in page.
    • Sharing from Amplify - Select the social networks you want your members to be able to create Amplify content for.
    • Allow sharing to other apps - Let your members share content to apps like WhatsApp and SMS from the Amplify mobile app.
    • Leaderboard - Let your members monitor their weekly shares and compare their Amplify efforts with others in your organization. See Monitor your progress in Amplify.
    • Suggestions - Let your members suggest content to share. See Explore and share Amplify content.
    • Lock content - Lock new posts so members cannot edit or personalize them. You can still choose to lock or unlock posts individually.

Set up your email invitations

Invite your colleagues to Amplify with a personalized email. When they receive their invitation, they have 72 hours to accept it. If they don't accept it during that time, you'll need to resend it.

  1. Go to Amplify and select Admin settings.
  2. Select Email customization.
    • Select General at the top of the page to edit your email logo and language.
    • Select Welcome at the top of the page to edit your welcome email.

Send members a weekly digest

Let your members know about the top Amplify content for the week.

  1. Go to Amplify and select Admin settings.
  2. Select Email customization, and then select Digest at the top of the page.
  3. Make your changes and save.

View members and their invitation status

Check your members' Amplify status. You can see if they've been sent their Amplify email invitation and if they've been onboarded. You can also choose to make members Amplify Admins here. For more about users and roles, see Manage Amplify members and permissions.

  1. Go to Amplify and select Admin settings.
  2. Select Members list.
  3. Point at the status icons for details and switch on or off Content admin to change roles.
    Admin settings members list with status icons highlighted.


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