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Nexalogy App: Overview

Sharad M
posted this on October 17, 2012 10:37

The Nexalogy app allows you to view interest maps to see ideas and connections in your social graph, view details on Twitter volume, top concepts, and hashtags, and see top links related to your account or search term.

Third Party Development

The Nexalogy app was developed by Nexalogy. For help and support contact the developer.

We encourage you to provide feedback and request new features through the HootSuite App Directory Feedback Forum.

Available App Streams:

  • Nexalogy.
  • Nexalogy Search.

Available App Plugins:

  • No available app plugins.

Key Features:

  • View Interest Maps to see ideas and connections based on your twitter account or search terms.
  • View analysis reports on twitter volume, top concepts and hashtags.
  • View the top links related to your account or specific search terms.
  • View suggested connections and who your most active and engaged followers are.


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