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Why isn't my RSS feed working?

Amanda S
posted this on September 5, 2012, 14:07

RSS Feeds not posting updates could be the result of an improperly formatted RSS feed or something completely different, such as no new content available for publishing. The table below displays common issues and its solution.

Common Issues and Solutions

 Possible Issue  Solution
 The social network profile connected to your feed has become disconnected from your Hootsuite dashboard.   Reconnect your Twitter account.
 The RSS feed is paused.  Enable (unpause) the RSS/Atom Feed.
 The RSS feed itself has not been updated since Hootsuite sent the last message.  RSS feeds only post new content. No new content means no new posts.
 Each RSS update refers to the same static webpage.

RSS feeds that repetitively direct to the same web page mean new content is not available.

 The XML inside the feed is broken.

 Visit to determine if this is why. Should you be unable to validate the feed, the best plan of action is to contact the site where you subscribed.
 The RSS feed has no date stamp.   Feeds must be configured so that posted items report a date/time. You may be able to configure this by visiting the site where you subscribed to the RSS feed.
 The RSS feed has an article with a date stamp from the future.  The feed will not publish until the future date becomes the present date. 
 The SSL Certificate on the feed does not verify.   Verify the SSL Certificate for the feed domain, then attempt to add it to Hootsuite again.
 The RSS feed is brand new and does not have any entries.  Publish an update to the feed, then attempt to add it to Hootsuite again. 
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