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Hootsuite Syndicator App: Overview

Sharad Mohan
posted this on June 21, 2013, 14:45

The Hootsuite Syndicator app provides a quick and easy way to view RSS feeds in the Hootsuite dash. Easily migrate your existing feeds from other service providers via OPML or XML file import, or add new feeds individually. The improved RSS app has tools for power users to casual readers alike. The app provides rich filtering, monitoring and tracking tools and allows you to easily share articles to your social networks, and most important, track which stories you’ve shared! This is RSS for Social!

Third-Party Development

The Hootsuite Syndicator app was developed by David Dmytryshyn, an external third-party. For help and support contact the developer.

We encourage you to provide feedback and request new features through the Hootsuite App Directory Feedback Forum.

Available App Streams:

  • Hootsuite Syndicator.

Available App Plugins:

  • No available app plugins.

Key Features:

  • Add streams of articles and stories via RSS feeds.
  • Upload outline processor markup language (OPML), or XML files to add your RSS feeds. OPML files can be exported from Google Reader.
  • Preview a brief summary of individual articles and stories.
  • Easily manage large lists of RSS feeds with a rich toolset: set up Groups and filters, mark stories as ‘read’ or ‘unread’, mark articles as favourite or ‘read it later’.
  • Share articles and stories to your social networks, and track the stories you have shared!




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