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Tips & Tricks: The Social Profile Picker

Amanda S
posted this on June 18, 2013, 11:45

It's an owl! It's a jet! It's a better way to use your Social Profile Picker!

Hootsuite's Social Profile Picker has been optimized to improve usability. Nestled in front of the Compose Message Box, the Social Profile Picker offers pinning, favorites, as well as the option to add a social network.




Let's explore the tips and tricks that make using the Social Profile Picker exceptional.


These tips can help you make the most of your Social Profile Picker.

Tired of scrolling through your social profile list? Hootsuite has made locating your social profile easier than ever; now you can type-search by username!

To search social profiles

Type your social profile username, and then click to select the social profile or press ENTER.


Your social profile counter will increase, letting you know your social profile has been selected.


 Pin or Unpin Social Profiles

Want to improve your messaging efficiency? Try pinning the social profiles you use every day!

Pinning a social profile tacks it to your Social Profile Picker toolbar, auto-selecting pinned social profiles each time you compose a message. And, you still have the option to deselect a pinned social profile, for those times when you only need a few of your pinned social profiles.

To pin or unpin a social profile

Hover your mouse over a social profile, and then click the pin icon. An upright pin means the social profile is pinned; an angled pin means unpinned.


Temporarily deselect a pinned social profile by clicking the listed social profile.


 Mark or Unmark Social Profiles as Favorites

Want to boost your messaging efficiency? Try marking commonly used social profiles as favorites!

Marking a social profile as a favorite means you don't have to scroll through your list of social profiles to post a message. This action reorders your social profile list, displaying favorites at the top for quick access.

To mark or unmark a social profile as a favorite

Hover your mouse over a social profile, and then click the star icon. A yellow star means favorite; a transparent star means unfavorite.


 Add Social Network

While social profiles are often added to the Hootsuite dashboard from Streams or your user profile, they can also be added from the Social Profile Picker.

Social networks can be added to 'My Social Networks' (for personal profiles) and any organization where you're a member.

To add a social network

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your social profile list, and then click Add social network.
  2. Add social network
  1. Click to select My Social Networks or an organization where you are a member.
  2. Click to select social network.
  3. Click Connect button, and then authorize account. Note: does not have a Connect button.

For the complete process, see Adding Social Networks from Streams.

Now that you've mastered searching, pinning, favoriting and adding social networks, let's explore some Hootsuite tricks that will make using the Social Profile Picker even easier!


Here's a little keyboard action Hootsuiters use to make using the Social Profile Picker that much faster.


Seamlessly move from Social Profile Picker to Compose Message Box by pressing Tab on your keyboard.

Add Social Network

Type a series of letters, press the Down Arrow key on your keyboard, and then press ENTER.


And voilà! Now that you've mastered one way to use these tips and tricks to your advantage, mix and match methods to come up with your favorite combinations.

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