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Quick Start Guide: Organizations

Amanda S
posted this on July 5, 2012, 15:46

Welcome to Hootsuite's Quick Start Guide: Organizations!

An organization contains social networks, teams and team members relevant to that organization. When you create an organization, you automatically become the super admin for that organization. Super admins can manage all aspects of their organization including adding and removing team members, adding and removing social networks, creating teams and managing permissions.


Hootsuite's Quick Start Guide: Organizations summarizes 5 steps that will help you create your organization.

 Step 1: Create an Organization

Manage multiple teams and your business social media needs under on consistent organization. 

To create an organization

  1. Click user profile icon.
  2. Click Start collaborating with others.
  3. Name organization, upload image for organization, (optional) add a social network, and then click Create Organization.

Note: You can add social networks at this step or during step 3.


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 Step 2: Invite Members

Inviting members allows you to set up your social collaboration efforts so they work with your real-life structure.

To invite a member

  1. Click Invite Members.
  2. Enter email addresses, (optional) add team, and then click Add Users to Organization.

Note: You can add a team at this step if one has already been created, or during step 4.


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 Step 3: Add Social Networks

Adding social networks to your organizations is essential. Social networks are what are managed by your team members from within your organization.

To add a social network

  1. Click Add a Social Network.
  2. Select social network.
  3. Click Connect.

Note: You must log into the social network you are adding to connect it with Hootsuite.


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 Step 4: Create Teams

Create and manage teams that control your social networks.

To create a team

  1. Click Add a Team.
  2. Name team.
  3. Upload image for team.
  4. Click to select members that will complete actions for team (added in step 2).
  5. Click to select social networks that will be used by team (added in step 3).
  6. Click Create Team.


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 Step 5: Customize Permission Levels

Setting permission levels affects what a member can access and the actions they can complete. There are three categories for permission levels: organization, team and social network

To customize permission levels

  1. Hover mouse over organization [team or a social network], click gear icon, and then select Manage Permissions.
  2. Click to select permission level.


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