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Create and Install Vanity URLs

Amanda S
posted this on June 22, 2012, 14:53

Important: These steps MUST be completed before creating and installing a vanity URL will be successful:

  1. Add Vanity URL option to Pro or Enterprise account. Vanity URLs are available to Pro and Enterprise users.
  2. Create an organization with members, teams and social networks. Because only a super admin of an organization can create a vanity URL, this person is also responsible for granting team access to the vanity URL.
  3. Register domain name with an accredited domain name registrar to use exclusively with your vanity URL. Learn more

Note: Making changes to a vanity URL can break existing links for existing integrations or services using your proposed Hootsuite vanity URL. Make sure the vanity URL is not in use by another service like Gigya or

To create and install a vanity URL

  1. Click Settings (gear icon) on the left-aligned launch menu.
  2. Select Vanity URLs.
  3. Click Add New Vanity URL (plus icon).
  4. Add vanity URL 
  1. Type vanity URL to use with Pro. Include "http://" at the beginning of vanity URL.
  2. Type root redirect URL to use for vanity URL. Include "http://" at the beginning of root redirect URL.
  3. Click to select the organization where the URL is being added.
  4. Click to select the team(s) that will be able to use vanity URL.
  5. Click Save
  1. Copy (command + c for Mac or Ctrl + c for PC) the IP address (numerical string), and then click Finished.

These numbers will be used to update the web hosting domain name system (DNS) settings. This information will also be sent to the email associated with the Hootsuite account.

Important: Hootsuite will generate one of following IPs: 



Note: When your vanity URL has been activated you will receive an email notification from Hootsuite. Typically after about 24 hours (or less), your vanity URL will function as intended.

  1. Log into your Internet domain registrar and web hosting company to update your DNS settings; paste (command + v for Mac or Crtl + v for PC) IP address from step 5.


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